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    to adapt is to thrive
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    to adapt is to grow
  • Service Design & strategy
    To Adapt is to Design & Strategise
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    To Adapt is to Guide
  • Policy design
    To Adapt is to Action

to adapt is to


Adaptus is an Independent Consultancy Partnership,
driven by our values and a passion to create an effective justice system that innovates, delivers results and adapts to an ever-changing world.

We are market leaders in providing informed and innovative support to organisations in the justice sector. And we have an unmatched track record in securing new business for our clients, in the UK and abroad, and in supporting service design and implementation.

We provide expert advice to organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors in justice, offender management, prisons and probation.
But we are not limited by our focus on justice because we know that successful justice services also require sound knowledge of housing, employability, drugs, mental and physical health and other disciplines.

We bring our values, experience and passion together to provide advice on:

  • Operational delivery of prisons, probation, offender health and mental health, housing and employment

  • Corporate strategy, change management, service design and bid management

  • And we are great at strategic planning, change management, service design and bid management.

Our clients come to us because we have an unmatched knowledge of our sector, because we bring our experience and creativity to the development of new solutions and to help solve old problems. . Above all, our clients come to us because we work with them, as an integral part of their team, and we stand or fall by the success of our contribution.

You can now buy our services through the
ESPO consultancy framework.

On the Government Consultancy framework as part of the
RedQuadrant Consortium.

You can also buy our services through
Consultancy Plus.