• Preparing
    ⋅ Collaborating
    ⋅ Managing
    ⋅ Evaluating
    Business Development
  • Service Design
    ⋅ Innovation
    ⋅ Design
    ⋅ Transformation
  • Strategic Development
    ⋅ Compatibility
    ⋅ Planning
    ⋅ Evidencing
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    ⋅ Innovation
    ⋅ Design
    ⋅ Transformation
  • Policy and Government
    ⋅ Design
    ⋅ Enhancing
    ⋅ Capabilty

Adaptus is an Independent Consultancy Partnership.
We provide practical, value-driven advice to organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

We are experts in justice, offender management, prisons and probation. But we know that to be effective in any of those areas requires sound knowledge of housing, employability, drugs, mental and physical health and other disciplines.
And it means that we have to be great at strategic planning, change management, service design and bid management.

We bring the skills and experience necessary to succeed in all of these areas into one place and we combine them for the right solution for every client. We are market leaders in providing informed and innovative support to organisations in the justice sector. We have an unmatched track record in securing new business and supporting service design and implementation.

Our thought leadership, across a range of justice and related issues, is second to none. And our people bring a range and depth of experience you will not find elsewhere.

Meet the Team

Our support to you

what we do

business development

preparing, collaborating and managing bids

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service design

conceptualisation, service architecture, service improvements and innovations and service evaluations

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strategic development

business and market assessment, alignment and compatibility, planning for success and evidencing value

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coaching and mentoring

criminal justice strategy, justice market innovation, service design and transformation

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policy and government engagement

policy thinking and design, enhancing your capabilty

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Our passion

to improve public services and to deliver benefits to society.

We support our customers to improve social outcomes, to develop communities and to create opportunities for inclusion. We do this by bringing sound business planning, fresh ideas and cost efficiency. Our experience and track record are used to deliver positive change.

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